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Welcome to hackint!

hackint is a communication network for the hacker community, but anyone is welcome to use the network. Hackint is fully ircv3.1 compatible.

August 2015: We're now providing a https-enabled webchat interface!

July 2015: We replaced our Certificate Authority to support contemporary security standards. Please take the time to properly verify the new root certificate before using it.



General Round Robin: irc://irc.hackint.org SSL: irc://irc.hackint.org:9999
From within dn42.net / chaosvpn only: irc://irc.hackint.hack SSL: irc://irc.hackint.hack:9999
Using Tor with SASL:
requires a nickserv account
SSL only SSL: irc://nakufgztylanf4mw.onion:6697
Using Tor without SASL: SSL only SSL: irc://5ogdsfyoqk47ompu.onion:6697
Using jabber Join a groupchat, enter #channelname as the room name, server is irc.hackint.org

Frequently asked questions

In case a question arises, please consult our FAQ.


Join #hackint for support.


Hackint offers ChanServ, NickServ and GroupServ, along with some custom services. All official hackint services can be recognized by the hostmask services.hackint.org.

The following custom services are available:



When connecting directly from the internet, not using Tor, please set up your client to use the round-robin DNS. We encourage you to use TLS on ports 6697 and 9999 whenever possible.

For connecting through Tor we provide hidden services, one that requires SASL authentication (and therefore an active nickserv account) and one that does not. To acquire a nickserv account anonymously you may choose to use the Hashcash registration form.

Certificate Authority

All hackint servers are using 4096bit RSA Keys, with SHA256 signatures. Both CRL and OCSP are available.

For further details see the page regarding our certificate authority.

Establishing a secure connection

To verify the authenticity of the server you connect to, download and verify rootca.crt and connect to the hackint irc network using a command like this:

/server -ssl -ssl_verify -ssl_cafile /PATH/TO/hackint-rootca.crt irc.hackint.org 9999
weechat (mind issue #438 )
/server add hackint irc.hackint.org/6697 -ssl -autoconnect
/set weechat.network.gnutls_ca_file /PATH/TO/hackint-roootca.crt


Check out our webchat at webirc.hackint.org. You can directly link to your channel:
<a href="https://webirc.hackint.org/#hackint">#hackint</a>